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  1. yx yx

    I wonder how long it will take until someone makes a ‘will it blend?’-mock up along that line.

    (go to youtube and search for ‘will it blend’ if you haven’t heard of that show)

  2. Kowalski Kowalski

    I fucking love Modblog but they need to start drawing a line in the sand. That’s (this article) not relatively bad but if the site becomes clogged with self-amputation or castration in the near future then ‘shock-value’ wins and that’s body modifications loss.

  3. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    I don’t think any of it is “shock value” to Shannon. And I haven’t blinked at some things he’s blogged that other people have freaked out over. Shannon’s all about finding the frontier, and I don’t see anything wrong with that.

    Remember, these things are entered here under “research material.”

  4. Kowalski Kowalski

    True, true.

    I suppose with the BME/Hard section he’s branched as far as he sees fit. It’s easy to read too much into the ‘modification’ wordplay of the site, we’re seeing an awful lot of ‘temporary alterations’ (to coin an awful phrase) and, well, we must be bordering on a frontier for prosaic body mods.

    (I sound far too negative than I actually am, Modblog is a fantastic website and I’m thoroughly inspired by everything and everyone involved.)

  5. optical optical

    Next stage: puncture-and-sip some dimethyltryptamine straight from the pineal gland. MMMmhh, man, that’ll RULE!

    (why did I click on that so early in the morning, why, oh why…)

  6. i don’t like it.

  7. Lee Lee

    Well, if you’re out of teabags it’s an available option for your guests, I suppose…

  8. Matt Matt

    Hah. HAH! I’m not looking this time, and no one can make me!

    Except me. [click]


  9. hm, self-cannibalism…

    next: the hot-dog

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