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Second Life Sketches

For reasons that will become clear in a few weeks, this will be the last Second Life Sketch on Which means most of you can breathe a sigh of relief that I’m not wasting any more of your precious brainspace and can go back to thinking about Britney Spears’ Cheetos-dusted vagina.

Inworld, I can still be found at Integral Bay, at Gibbosa (152, 35, 29), which will remain my public space in SL for some time to come. I’m continuing to write inworld-only notes there — look for the SECOND SIGNAL machine on the Bay. (I do have a private space gifted to me by the good people of Nexus Prime, the cyberpunk sim in Gibson, which I am going to be using for professional matters soon to be revealed.)

I have decided that it is simply too traumatic to look for mainland parcels to buy. This is what was in front of me when I teleported into land-for-sale yesterday:

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