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Nokia Design: Explore Concept 2012

Nokia wizard Matt Jones says:

Nokia Design: Explore Concept 2012… Concept work here by the lovely people in our Calabasas studio illustrating what Nokia Nseries could do in 2012.

Apparently, in the future — which will look and sound like a bit of ultra-cheap “youth TV” from BBC2 in 1983, with music just one step away from that hideous electropop song “Questionnaire” — we’ll be able to do almost anything we can do with mobile phones now, only with a touchscreen interface and, evidently, someone else paying for our bandwidth and guaranteeing high speeds all over the world when I currently can’t get 3G coverage at my girlfriend’s mother’s house six miles away.

It does not escape my attention that my Nokia N73 can, right now, both post directly to a Flickr pool and monitor it for reading any time I like.

I guess the most telling thing is the sudden awareness it brings that 2012 is now only six years away, and so, you know, of course the phone isn’t going to have its own jetpack. The innovation curve for phones had to flatten out. The message this video sends me is “2012: don’t expect too much.” Watch it and judge for yourself.

Nokia Design: Explore Concept 2012 on Vimeo

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