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links for 2006-11-29

  • Since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003, Fartoosi has been a militiaman with the Shiite Muslim Mahdi Army of firebrand cleric Moqtada al-Sadr. Last week, he also served as a relief worker, a policeman, a traffic controller and a guard…
    (tags: pol war)
  • “We’ve taken a look at the most useful online-generators for web-development and listed them below.”
    (tags: web)
  • saucer shaped reconnaissance; at least one environmental sensor and communication device into a robust, aerodynamically efficient casing; spinning & shooting into a region of interest
    (tags: spy tech)
  • humans might not survive space-elevator travel thanks to the whopping dose of ionising radiation they would receive travelling through the core of the Van Allen radiation belts around Earth.
    (tags: space)
  • After a tantalisingly successful run at sequencing parts of the extinct woolly mammoth’s genome, the project is now stalled for lack of funds.
    (tags: sci)
  • The International Space Station may soon have its first policy allowing crew members to intentionally pitch unneeded gear overboard. (Tiny flecks of paint have cracked the windows of the space shuttle orbiter because they travel at 1000s of km/h)
  • EVIL evil electropop. Listen to the lyrics on “Munchausen.”
    (tags: music)