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Fuck Space

Woo fucking hoo. This is not what I personally took from the aspirational concept of human spaceflight.

“HDTV provides up to six times the resolution of regular analog video,” said Rodney Grubbs, NASA principal investigator. “On previous missions, we’ve flown HDTV cameras but had to wait until after the mission to retrieve the tapes, watch the video and share it with the science and engineering community, the media and the public. For the first time ever, this test lets us stream live HDTV from space so the public can experience what its like to be there.”

Big fucking whoop. You can now transmit high definition tv from a whole two hundred and twenty miles away, showing us exactly what it’s like to live in a small room with only an airflow fan to save you from the smell of your own farts. I didn’t need HDTV or a principal investigator of fucking anything to bring me this news from the human frontier.

And I live in a country that won’t even fund its own astronauts. I have to acknowledge that, even as I curse the ISS for being an orbiting bullshit scow and Nixon for approving the stupid fucking Space Shuttle to buy aerospace money/votes in an election year…bah. I’m having a drink now.

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