Second Life Sketches

Things I want from Second Life:

* A networked notecard dispenser. That is, a network of dispenser objects that spit out the same notecard, and that notecard only needs to be updated once at a central point, not individually for every dispenser. A networked notecard dispenser would be the equivalent of, say, going to an ATM/cash machine -like device, pressing a button, and having a daily newspaper spit out of it. So I, on my land, have a dispenser device that spits out Bad Signal or something. All I do is drop a new piece of writing, a new notecard, into that first device. You take a copy of the device and you put it on your land because you love me. So your visitors press a button, and Bad Signal spits out. The device auto-updates with a new notecard each time I drop a new piece in to the first device. Some of your visitors like the idea so much that they take a copy of your device and put it on their land. See how that works? A viral outbreak of an independent networked information system.

* Someone to stand up and say that creating replicas of bland middle-class homes for people to stand awkwardly in and not actually do anything inside is just retarded and a stark and utter waste of a massive digital art installation, rich IM environment and potentially system-altering computing/work/media space. It’s not like you’re going to sleep in that bed. At the very best, you’ll watch an avatar of yourself lay on it and look weird and a bit dead. Stop it now.