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From Global Frequency To Remote Control

A kind reader whose name and note I’ve lost passed these on to me the other day.

While watching an episode of SMALLVILLE recently, this eagle-eyed reader spotted something familiar. Ostensibly, it was a remote control device for a security system being used by Lex Luthor. But if you look a little closer…

…it’s the GLOBAL FREQUENCY phone, as created for the GLOBAL FREQUENCY tv pilot made for The WB, as based on my GLOBAL FREQUENCY graphic novels. I held this device in my hand in Vancouver a little over two years ago.

And it’s kind of hard for anyone to argue the point when you can see the GF Symbol in red right there on the thing. If any of you downloaded the pilot, you know I’m right.

I guess The WB (now the CW) doesn’t let anything go to waste. Including props from the shows they flushed.

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