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I Need You

My thumb finds your hood and gently pins it back. My tongue flicks at you, teasing, bringing you out. My other hand closes around your slim thigh, holds your leg open. I need you. Need you to feel this. I begin to suck, slow and relentless. You convulse a little under my lips. Electricity sparks across your heart. I breathe through my nose in time with the whirr and thump of the pump’s motor, exchanging fresh blood for the scabby mess that lays prone in your veins. A muscle in your leg jumps as the cardiac pads spill voltage across your chest again. Your soft lips fall open as the electrodes I screwed into your head, under your beautiful hair, shoot current into your brain.

Weeping, I press my mouth to you, fooling myself that I’m not tasting a dead girl.

(Written August 2004. © Warren Ellis 2004, 2006)

Published in brainjuice