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links for 2006-09-15

  • Sanity prevails: new dwarf planet and moon NOT to be named Xena and Gabrielle, but Eris and Dysnomia.
    (tags: space)
  • Because sometimes you just want a bit of choral-inflected cinematic crunching industrial metal from Helsinki.
    (tags: music)
  • The UN nuclear watchdog has protested to the US government over a report on Iran’s nuclear programme, calling it “erroneous” and “misleading”… a Western diplomat called it “deja vu of the pre-Iraq war period”.
    (tags: pol war)
  • Lou Reed, Iggy and about another dozen indie touchstones mixed in here, shot through with some electroglam.
    (tags: music)
  • The same virus that is behind uteral cancer is now thought to be linked to tonsillary cancer: changed sexual habits and more oral sex are part of the problem. JUST TAKE AWAY ALL THE THINGS I LOVE, WORLD.
    (tags: med)
  • Dr. Tom Gold, emeritus professor of astronomy at Cornell University, believes that organisms based on silicon may live far below the surface of the Earth.
    (tags: sci weird)

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  1. Oral sex causes cancer? I am totally prepared for the fucking chemo.

  2. You’re a good girl, Tammy Hopper.

  3. Andy Andy

    I will never see people with those freaky electronic voice boxes the same way again.

  4. Not sure what they’re teaching in public schools in England, however my education here in Seattle schools did touch on the KNOWN silicon-based lifeforms living in the deepest craigs of the ocean floor, so it’s not like this stuff wasn’t being regarded as fact before…

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