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  1. Mattastic Mattastic

    Well, the art looks good, but New Universe? Really?? Actually having Starbrand and stuff like that or something totally different for Marvel?

  2. thekamisama thekamisama

    I remember how exciting the whole “New Universe” seemed when I was a kid just reading nothing but G.I. Joe and X-Men in the 80’s, then something happened and it fizzled.

    Thanks for reigniting my childhood excitment.

    ( I was also one of the whole 6 people who love “The Pitt” so at the end of this, feel free to blow the whole fucking thing up if you want.)

  3. lore lok lore lok

    Sounds interesting. The current market barometer appears like it would support books of this kind a bit better than when it was originally introduced. I wish you luck with it.

  4. Ah HA!

    I’ve been waiting for New Universal news for a long time!
    I’ve pestered you with questions frequently in NC, and I think it was you who told me i was the only one who cared about it.

    And now, I have vengance.

    I have long harbored a silly love for the New Universe (except Psi-Force, they sucked), and now all the hard work is paying off.

    My only regret is that you are not using Antibody from DP7, he always fascinated me.


  5. And Dude- I was totally into the Pitt. Things that grand didn’t happen in comics until Coast City. But the Pitt did it first. That made all cataclysmic events in comics take on extra suspense and horror, becuase I saw that they could acutally happen. The War and the Draft however, were a bit lame. But the Pitt as a concept was frightening to me as a kid. I was hooked.

  6. I am very much looking forward to this. A lot. A whole lot. No matter how different it is, because you are an excellent writer. New Universe titles (particularly D.P.7 and Nightmask) were what got me into collecting comics like an obsessive dork in the first place.

  7. New Universe was one of the first things I got into when I became old enough to pick out my own comics, and even though I thought it was cool, my 13-year-old brain always knew that it wasn’t quite as deep and meaningful as they wanted it to be. I cannot wait to see what you do with the concept. And from the preview – very cool that you were able to get Gene Hackman to appear in it!

  8. Pan Pan

    I wasn’t interested in this reimagining of the New Universe at all… until seeing those panels. Wow!

    Ditto on the Gene Hackman thing.

  9. That art is beautiful, he said, stating the obvious.

  10. Cazmonster Cazmonster

    Uncle Warren, please chairleg the crap out of anybody, especially Kieth Giffen, if they go near Justice.

  11. Evan Brown Evan Brown

    I like Salvador Larroca’s new Jae Lee’ish style, I like it a lot. Although it looks like he likes popular TV and movies cuz Gene Hackman, Guy from Lost and Scene from Indiana Jones 3 were right there. I dunno what that says about me that I can spot those…

    I hope he keeps this style though it’s fantastic!!

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