How Melinda Blinded Me This Morning

September 7th, 2006 | people I know

This post is about my friend Melinda.  Say hello, Melinda.

Melinda Uden.

You can’t tell, but Melinda is a deeply warped individual. 

Melinda is out on the streets with a friend.

Meli is, of course, the tall blonde one

Having apparently failed to put her friend’s eye out with her nipple, it seems that Melinda went shopping after having the above picture taken..


I’ve got to tell you, my life is no better this morning for knowing that ANAL RING TOSS exists.

14 Responses to “How Melinda Blinded Me This Morning”

  1. Fun for the whole family!

  2. Anal Ring Toss warms my heart. Always has.

  3. Well, if I hadn’t seen a more disturbing sight today, it would have hurt. Fortunately I’m still traumatized by what I saw this afternoon, so I have to say that this is somewhat comforting in comparison…

    Melinda may be warped but it’s funny that someone did market this…which means someone is probably buying it…

    I need sleep now…lol


  4. when can we look forward to the release of anal lawn darts?

  5. Anal lawn darts?!?! Ouch! LOL!

    I was thinking that the product gives new meaning to the phrase, ‘making an ass of yourself.‘

    What I want to know is when will this become an Olympic event?

  6. Nice to see that Melinda is back off the road from the VBB tour…

  7. Hmmmm …I wonder where I can get one of those… err …I mean … that’s hilarious.

  8. Ah ha! Something I knew about before you! See? It pays to read Anne Rice novels!

  9. wow

  10. Coming soon: Anal tetherball

  11. Artie Lange from the Howard Stern show is the “Lord of the Anal Rings” having won the anal ring toss challenge a few years back on the show.

    “Lord of the Anal Rings”


  12. Does this explain how they rig all those sidestall games?


  14. And I thought that would be something funny about Warcraft addicts. Not Worksafe.