links for 2006-08-28

16 thoughts on “links for 2006-08-28”

  1. I am deeply disturbed. Why couldn’t there be more of warning?
    Usually you say ‘don’t look’ and i listen to you.
    Where were you man?

  2. Some of those album covers are absolutely hilarious, but the whole endeavor loses a few points with me for including The Louvin Brothers’ Satan is Real, which is perhaps the greatest album cover of all time.


    I have not seen that Hulk thing in a while, still hillarious!

    That is why that fucker is so pissed ain’t it? his Hulked out cock bunched up in those indestructible purple pants…

    So when are we going to see a gamma powered gay porn star pop up in Nextwave?

  4. Dearest Warren…

    I used to love you. Now I hate you. The Hulk made me feel this way.

    I wish to find the name of your greatest enemy so that I can name my second born child after that person.

    Love (ret.),

  5. It’s scarey enough that some crazy fuck has thoughts like that but to then take the time to out them down on paper…… guy needs to find a bar and just offer up his arse to all takers. Maybe that’ll help him deal with his needs.

  6. You know, I turn my back for a couple of days, and what do we end up with? Gamma-ray-fuelled ass-rape, that’s what.

    The mental state required to think of such a thing, spend the time to write and draw it, and post it online, is utterly beyond me.

    I’m grateful, Warren, as usual, for the reminder that I am (on some scales) relatively normal.

  7. I was led to your site by a friend on you post “HOWTO Screw Some Evangelist Maggots Right In The Wallet”
    I must say you rock! Comments were closed on that post, so I commenting here. Screw the Maggots.

  8. You’ve obviously gone to some effort to make your spam page look like a real blog, but it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. I could make a rocket ship out of tinfoil and it may seem real at a brief glance from half a mile away, but it wouldn’t pass closer inspection. Your ‘blog’ is lacking a few important features, such as, for example, user profiles, a login page, that sort of thing. And what’s worse, since the page always looks identical, you’re always easily identified as spammers.

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