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Technorati Cosmos

Is Technorati fucked again? How do you get to be the ninth most-linked blog and yet also drop 350 points in Technorati ranking in the same week? I suspect I’m not getting useful returns from Technorati (again), and so have stripped the Cosmos link from the bottom of entries. It’s professionally useful to know who’s linking to me, but I think it’s time to give up on the idea of tracking such by blog entry.

So if you were looking for the Cosmos link on the end of entries — that’s why it’s not there anymore.

(And, no, I’m still not done with site design fiddling.)

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  1. I think there must have been some problem at their end, as I’ve had virtually no clickthrough from T’rati for a few days, and it’s usually one of the bigger referrers for me (as in it sends me maybe fifteen hits as opposed to Google sending maybe five). Web-based applications – they’re brilliant when they work.

    New design seems to be going well, BTW.

  2. As time goes on, I find myself using Technorati less and less, and more and more. It doesn’t have a lot of the bells and whistles, but as a search engine, it seems to pick up on things more quickly, and has wider coverage (Engine threads are indexed as if they were blog posts, for example, and myspace and livejournal posts almost always show up in icerocket a day or two before they trickle into Technorati).

  3. Steve Lundell Steve Lundell

    Hey, your blog looks really good when it is dressed in Andreas’ design! Nice modification of it. :) Send Andreas a note, and he may post the link to your blog from his (which is also one of the most linked on Technorati with 15k-something links).

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