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links for 2006-08-26


  1. Fernando Trevisan Fernando Trevisan

    Fuck! This blog is so better in this “new layout”!!!

  2. The Pioneer Plaque makes us look like a bunch of idiots anyway. I mean, what are the aliens going to think when they show up and discover that people actually have pubic hair.

  3. Thumpsquid Thumpsquid

    YAY. at last, a multi-tool so large you need a multi-tool to open it. Oh, and you’ll need diamond encrusted finger nails just to get the little buggers out.

  4. Doug Pasnak Doug Pasnak

    The people that need to shut the fuck up are the people that can’t figure out why Pluto’s status needed to change. It’s a dirty snowball, now being outsized by other dirty snoballs, and if Pluto’s a planet then all these other Oort cloud debris are planets and the word “planet” loses it’s meaning. Unlike the web and pop culture, words in scientific circles need precise meanings. The rest of you go about your business adding ‘pod’ to everything.

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