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Goddamn Thing

Goddamn Thing

Originally uploaded by warrenellis.

Remote posting to warrenelliscom isn’t working still/again, so I’m retesting the kludge of posting through Flickr. Which will doubtless do terrible things to the formatting.

(EDIT: yes, it did.  This entry is reformatted manually.  Bloody thing.)

In this paragraph, I’m not putting any line breaks in, just to see what happens. In any case, I may as well mention here that I’m going to be monkeying with the site design over the next 48 hours, so don’t email me if anything suddenly looks weird or broken. I’m fiddling with things in between work, so it’ll be a slow process of fucking things up rather than suddenly producing a new release.

Linkblogging will probably be reduced to once-a-day dumps from for the next little while.

— W


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  1. Miss Kat Miss Kat

    Looks good now, what with the not being orange and all. :)

  2. Mattastic Mattastic

    Seems faster to load at very least – yeehaw!

  3. For some reason, the last few pixels on the S in Ellis stay black when you roll over them.

    Since I’m nosey, I had a look at the source and the CSS. The CSS sets the Sitetitle to 42%, and I think thats the problem. It might not even need a width, but try sticking it up to 43 or 44%

  4. Marc Manzo Marc Manzo

    New site looks fantastic. Love it.

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