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  1. nooooo! nooooo!

    i haven’t watched it yet you complete cunt!

  2. troy troy

    I knew it was coming but the unceremonious manner in which he was shot was jarring. Ian McShane continues to amaze me as Swearengen.

    I’m in that weird “I can’t wait for the season finale”/”please god don’t let it end” place that only Deadwood and The Shield can really get me too these days.

    Didn’t I read here something about the next “season” being done as a series of movies?

  3. I didn’t make you click on the cut!

  4. Yeah, “season 4” is two two-hour telemovies.

  5. troy troy



  6. Grungi Grungi

    Fuck you for having me hooked on Deadwood :P

  7. Frito Frito

    I was yelling “You sons of bitches killed him! You are all going to die!” I think that I might have disturbed a few of my neighbors.

  8. Those of us who use RSS to read your entries get the first line or so in our readers so we got it spoiled without clicking anything. Unintenional I’m sure but painful nonetheless.

  9. Hillary Hillary

    You didn’t see it coming? I saw it coming last week, and then when Hearst told that Pinkerton,”You see the tent of the one I want you to kill,” well, after that, it was assured.

    That shit with Trixie sent me over the edge! I LOVE this show!

  10. Dave Bonner Dave Bonner

    RSS feed gives us the whole thing. Fuck, now I have to race home after work and start up the torrent.

  11. nooooo! nooooo!

    “I didn’t make you click on the cut!”

    i got it in the rss but i would have clicked anyway, the fool that i am.

  12. The whole sad actresses storyline came in a bit too late to have any real bite. And the Self Actualization of Clamity Jane is a bit too Disney for me. Other than that, this season has been pretty tight.
    But why doesn’t Hearst have a guard outside of his hole in the wall leading to the roof? Not TOO obvious a spot.

  13. brockers brockers

    YOU CUNT WARREN…. yeah i know its my fault. But hey… you are.

  14. brockers brockers

    Anyone point me to a torrent for season 3 episode 11…. my usual hasn’t come through. – which is why hooplehead warren got the jump on me


  16. The whole theater plot annoys me too. But remember, the rabid weasels who run HBO cancelled the show, so it’s possible Milch was planning a cool payoff for next season. *sigh*

  17. Josh Hechinger Josh Hechinger

    As much as I liked Ellsworth…it was too choreographed to be much of a punch. The tent line, and the fact that Ells had no direct historical basis…

    Trixie though? That was great. I couldn’t figure out why she’d opened her top until I realized it was a bushwhacking aid.

    Utter getting chummy with the Al Gang was a treat too. I love those guys.

  18. Before this episode aired, I wondered who would get the chop, and Ellsworth just came up as the most likely candidate due to his mad-on at Hearst and his attachment to Alma. Not a surprise, but a shame- he was a good guy. One of the few really good ones in that godforsaken town!

    I didn’t expect Trixie’s bare-breasted jihad, though- I was like HELLO! Al’s reaction was priceless: “Loopy cunt.”

    I was torn between annoyance and amusement at Wu’s cocky behavior towards the end- he better not fuck up his end!

    Not to question the brilliance of this show, that’s an established fact by now…but this stop-start buildup of the hostilities is kinda getting on my nerves. I know that sometimes these sorts of things are often isolated incidents which come to a head gradually, but still.

    God DAMN I’m gonna miss this show- I don’t think that four-hour movie thing is set in stone. Hope I’m wrong about that.

  19. Jessica Miller Jessica Miller


    Usually simply inglorious – today – finally getting to my feeds – YOU HORRIBLE BASTARD

    You tried though, I stopped thru the site here and you tried not to fuck the rest of us w/ a rusty tennis racket and no lube, but you just couldn’t resist.

  20. Christ, Milch is a tease. Kill Ellsworth for foreplay and then leave me on the brink the rest of the fucking episode. Sigh.

    On another note, why has Tolliver been so marginalized? He’s a caricature sadist these days but doesn’t amount to anything in terms of plot or character development.

  21. Johnny Anarchy Johnny Anarchy

    Earlier today I saw “They killed him!” and immediately stopped reading. I cursed you for spoiling Hearst’s antihistorical death when I had not yet watched the episode. I came to this conclusion based on last week’s previews for the episode, plainly showing Hearst being injured. I was so shocked you’d spoiled it for me I summoned legions of cock hungry wolverines for you in my mind.

    But alas, it was all a swerve! When Ellsworth got killed I was floored (regardless of what anybody says “Man in the tent” could mean anyone in the fucking Deadwood camp). Now I applaud you Mr. Ellis for putting a false impression of the episode in my mind and thus making Ellsworth’s death hit me like a hammerblow to the brain!

    Yet, I can still summon the cock hungry wolverines if you are into that sort of thing.

  22. Ellsworth may be dead, but now the whole town is looking to place some rather large boots up Hearst’s ass. Gotta say, though, that for a phenomenal episode, once again Wu steals the fuckin show.

    “One Hundred-Fifty Chung Kuo Cocksucker!!!”

    “Wu…big man!”

  23. Eli Green Eli Green

    I was watching it with my mother on sunday and those were almost her exact words. She even said “Fuck!” You have no idea what it takes to make my mother say fuck!

    Also, is anyone else sensing that giving all 150 of Wu’s Chung Kuo Cocksucker guns might not be the best idea Swearengen ever had? It seems like Wu being the most powerful person in Deadwood is only slightly better than Tolliver. Is this just me?

  24. Jodi Davis Jodi Davis

    I’m sorry – but Trixie missed? I don’t buy it. It’s the first mis-step for me.

  25. Well, Wu does owe Swe’gin for getting him back in charge after last season’s San Fransisco Cocksucker episode. That’s the favor that Al’s calling in now. I don’t think Wu will doublecross him…but I’ve been known to be wrong before.

    Jodi: Trixie hit his shoulder, but missed his heart. Guess it’s hard to aim while holding your dress up!

  26. Mick the Mackem Mick the Mackem

    And let’s not forget EB’s role in the episode – brilliant! Wiping Heart’s spit off his face was a major step for him and his support to Trixie was priceless.

    I agree that the whole travelling players plot seems a bit pointless – although Brian Cox is superb – that little scene with Charlie in the saloon was excellent.

  27. They’ve been drawing out the storyline of the last two shows just to get to the final episode. One whole show talking about one character getting killed. And that was it.

    Oh I forgot the tits being flash just so she could shot Hearst. Talk about slacking off on the writing.

    You’d never slack off with the writing Warren .. would you ? :)

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  34. Warren, your motherfucking RSS feed doesn’t give a ratshit about cuts. You have shat all over my spoiler free world.

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