8 Responses to “Mistakes In Home Genital Surgery: #887, The “Red Onion Left At The Back Of The Cupboard For Six Months” Mistake”

  1. Jesus. Oh Jesus. Jesus. Oh no. No, no no.

    Is this a mod gone awry, or what? Is there a special “horrific mistakes” section on Modblog? Or is this some sort of awful tanle saw accident?

  2. This also reminds me of the finale of Scott Sigler’s Infection podcast.

  3. That’s it. From now on I wear a codpiece composed of three inches of reinforced stainless steel plating. Lower back problems be damned.

    Show the stupid bastard’s face so we can point and laugh for doing this to himself.

  4. Above all, I think, it looks sore. It looks sore. I mean, seriously; it looks sore.

  5. Sometimes, stupidity is its own reward.

  6. It would be OK to dress it with some salt & spices and make a healthy salad…

  7. Oh.

    Oh dear.

  8. Dude. Okay, I’m pretty tolerant of what people want to do with their own bodies, but this really looks like a fuck-up that if I were the guy, I’d want a take back. Unfortunately, there’s no reset button on life and body mods — I’m really happy my tackle is exactly as genetics has mandated, and this picture really just drives that point home for me.

    I hope he’s got a good supply of antibiotics.