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links for 2006-08-19


  1. Andy Andy

    Thanks for that Lost Silver site. I’ll finally be able to get Titicut Follies. Wiseman only sells VHS copies for some insane price.

  2. Longevity genes – How long is long? Time of life is set at birth, but I heard it can be changed (Longer or Shorter), by altering our genetic clocks.

    Less stress = Longer life … Don’t worry so much… Smoke weed :)

  3. Carlos Nicolini Carlos Nicolini

    I think the Kerry thing would be illegal in the European Union.
    I mean, I understand that in the European Union, when you give personal data like your e-mail address, the people or organization(s) which receive it can use it only to the ends for which you originally submitted the information, and activities related to those ends.

    Just saying.

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