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  1. Quite simply, anyone who doesn’t use their brains and still claims to be a Christian isn’t reading their source material, closely, and should probably be ignored. That includes doctors. ESPECIALLY Doctors.

    The whole damned latter half of the book is about helping people in unconventional ways and “Love Thy Neighbour” probably extends to the Devil, too.

    Still, it’s interesting to see that a man who had to have Some scientific training and discernment can have biggotted views, like that.

    According to most spiritual handbooks, any action for good or bad “opens you up to demonic influence.” It’s called life, asshole.

  2. George Allen did not deliberately call the man a ‘macaca’ as a pejorative. His repetition of that proves that he had no idea what the name meant. He genuinely and absurdly fucked up his name.

    This is complete nonsense.

  3. I have never been so drunk that I would hack off my oun wiener, tug on it a bit yes, but hack it off? This guy must have been on some great moonshine combined with coke or something….

  4. Somewhere between the drunk cutting his unit off and the two women attempting to get off with a cat, all I can think of is Dr. Hunter S. Thompson’s description of men in red flannel shirts getting incredible kicks from things I couldn’t possibly understand…

  5. Re: Asswipe Allen…

    What’s been conspicuously absent from the press is the fact that “macaca” is a common racial slur used by the colonial French. Surprise– Allen’s mother is a French woman. From Tunisia.

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