Kurd Couple Killed For Six-Minute Sex Video

In Arbil, southern Kurdistan’s capital, a couple were killed after their pornographic video CD was distributed in the city’s market, according to news published in the Kurdish weekly Hawlati on Thursday. The couple were killed within one week. The woman’s body was found on Tuesday. The video is only 6 minutes and 10 seconds and it is taken on a mobile telephone…

…just imagine being killed for a six-minute fuck recorded on a cellphone. To say that the punishment is disproportional to the offense is an understatement. Certainly it sends a frightening message to Kurdish youths. You can practically hear them saying, “We have sex because we are brave, not because we are lustful…”

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  1. Proof that Bush’s mission in Iraq is working. He went there to export western values to Iraq, and now they’re behaving like evangelicals who’ve seen a nipple at the super bowl. Progress!

  2. I have no problem with people having faith as long as their beliefs aren’t bullied over others. One thing I have noticed though: it seems the more secure people are financially or just in general the less of a role religion seems to play in their lives. Odds are if you are dirt poor and/or completely unhappy you will see Jesus in the frost on your window and he will tell you to blow up an Abortion clinic. It comes from a lack of feeling in control of your life. Yet, when you are solvent and pretty damned happy, not even a crowd of screaming bible-thumpers can ever get you to go to a church/temple/mosque/scientology prison.

    The ones you REALLY have to look out for though? Those that are rich, happy, AND religious zealots. Odds are…they want to take over the world and are probably a little crazy to boot.

  3. I met a young and optimistic young Libertarian from Chicago while I was in Istanbul. He was on his way to Mosul to pursue a job. We all told him he was fucked, and he said, “No, I’m going to the north. Kurdistan is okay.” At that point, a girl took his picture with her cell phone so she could prove to people that she had met him when his bloody, severed head was broadcast on Al-Jazeera.

    Might I note again that he was young and optimistic? Spoke no language other than English? And that he was a Libertarian? Which is to say, stupid.

  4. More than an example of the failed Iraq policy (although that suggests it was once working or was even ever a good idea), these tragic stories show how infuriating fundamentalism is.

    Check out this story from June, which showed how “creeping ‘Talibanisation'” was targeting falafel vendors, ice merchants, tennis players wearing shorts, and so on.

  5. Waitaminnit.

    Aren’t the Kurds the people of the world were collectively supporting when Saddam was VX gassing them by the score?

    We saved them so they could kill people for fucking on video?

    Cripes, in the words of Morrissey (which I cannot believe I remember, let alone am about to quote) Come, Armageddon, Come. The world needs to die and start over all ready.

    I have my Mad Max apparel all picked out.

  6. Might I note again that he was young and optimistic? Spoke no language other than English? And that he was a Libertarian? Which is to say, stupid.

    We expect an update, of course.

  7. Josh, you may be onto something there. If there was a six minute video of me plunging balls-deep into Courtney Love floating around the internet, I’d probably kill myself.

  8. It’s entirely possible to be a Libertarian and be a completely straight-laced, no-vices, which is to say, dull, person. (In fact, it’s possible to simultaneously be a Libertarian and a Muslim — http://www.minaret.org) So long as he keeps his mouth shut about politics and respects the local customs, he should be in no more danger than any other American in that fucked-up place — especially if he was going to work for a major corporation, which tend to have segregated facilities set up for Westerners to live and play.

  9. There was a bit on NPR last week about the increasing, ah, prudification of southern Iraq. The Shiite religious authorities are micromanaging things like produce displays; one grocer was killed because he propped up some celery near a couple of tomatoes.

    And shepherds are required to cover up their goats’ genetalia because the sight of them might inflame sexual desire.

  10. Having read both volumes of Persepolis, I’m pretty much an expert on Islam and stuff. So I can say from an expert’s point of view that that is some fucked up shit.

  11. Well, that is it…The young Kurdish generation is a total departure from some traditional values that existed..(i would not say positive or negative), but certainly struggling between past and present value..Re..definitions..
    Sadly the society in general could not tolerate that..as many places in Middle East..
    It is really tragic to hear such a news…

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