links for 2006-07-31

July 31st, 2006 | Uncategorized

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  1. don’t those mothball things smell awful?
    i’ve never come across one, myself.

  2. The doctors didn’t know about the mothballs until a cleaning lady found them in the girls’ hospital room.

  3. What is wrong with Chris Gibson that he didn’t get a nickname?

  4. I smell a Darwin Award!

  5. He’s “Over-ton.” Kind of like “Overlord” for the non-Slimfast crowd…

  6. Never knew JMS fans were so hardcore. We’re going to have to raise the stakes.

  7. For god’s sake, ‘think of the children’ and give teenagers REAL drugs, for their own safety.

  8. I like that one of the “White Power” guys had the nickname “The Hulk”.
    Cause nothing says white supremecy like a huge roided out green person in purple pants!

  9. Why is it that engineers are so overrepresented in kooky cults and beliefs?

    Is it the way they’re taught a technical subject but not how to think critically?

    Or is it just a delayed reaction to the staggering booze intake in college?

  10. Loved something about this, dunno what:

  11. The fact that Christopher Gibson does not have a nickname should speak for itself. I fail to find the humor in my husband spending the rest of his natural life behind bars so a federal prosecutor can have his fifteen minutes of fame and a possible movie deal in the works.