Just got an email from Fraction reading “WYATT EARP!” And, indeed, Wyatt and Morgan Earp are riding in on the crest of a bullshit excuse. According to HBO, “Langrishe… offers to perform long-term therapy on Hearst’s chronic aching back.” Brian Cox as a masseur is not something I expected to see before I die. (And also makes me think of ZATOICHI.)

As ever, my copy gets transported to me for the morning. Feel free to use this space to talk about tonight’s episode, before and after.

14 thoughts on “DEADWOOD Pre-Game”

  1. Of all the Wyatt Earps there are out there, I always liked Kurt Russell’s best. Of course, Tombstone was plagued by that whole “clean western” problem where you didn’t have to muck though seven inches of shit crossing the street.

    I can’t wait to see Earp in Deadwood. It should be nice and refreshing, as so much of the series is.

  2. Just got into Deadwood based on kudos from this site. I’d thought that the inclusion of Wild Bill was a good (and, it turns out, valid) introduction to a 21st C Western. But it can stand on its own two feet after that and shouldn’t need to spuriously shoehorn-in celebrity cowboys.

    Like I’m going to stop watching it because of that…

  3. I dunno quite what to make of the Earps. Wyatt seems pleasant enough, but he seems to have some sort of nefarious plan.

    Morgan’s a cocky shitheel, and his “You wanna draw?” face makes my fists itch.

    Good on Steve for getting kicked to death though. Long time coming.

  4. Loved the tension between Wyatt and Seth. Loved Hearst gettings a message. And that fucking ending had me wanting more now.

    Storm isn’t brewing. It’s fucking here.

    Also, next week doesn’t look too kindly on Merrick.

    AL needs to get off his ass and take the bull by the balls again.

    I love this show more than I should. And I can’t help myself.

  5. I really shouldn’t read these spoilers, but they’re irresistable in a “Don’t Look!” kinda way.

    Only 4 episodes off the pace now and really looking forward to seeing how everything kicks off.

    Brian Cox as a masseur? Truely, my cup runneth over…

  6. Damn you warren . . . . I started watching Season 1 a week ago and I’m totally hooked. I did NOT need another show to watch, thank you very much . . .

  7. “It’s not spurious. They’re following historical fact. Earp went to Deadwood.”

    …which maybe I’d’ve known had I not stopped reading the Deadwood Wikipedia entry when it told me too much about Wild Bill’s time there. Will henceforth shut me gob.

  8. The best irony is Steve being felled by that horse. Between his masturbating on Bullock’s horse and WIlliam Bullock’s equine-related death in Steve’s custody, it only makes sense that the drunkard meets a horsey fate of his own.

  9. If you don’t say “Oh, shit” at the final shot of this episode, you’ve got glands of ice and steel. Troubling, troubling stuff.

    Oh, and the Earps? Fantastic. Brutish, conniving thugs, and Morgan’s played as the sort of hothead psycho who would push to ambush unarmed men in a corral rather than the “gosh, wow” kid brother from Tombstone. I look forward to Bullock giving them pistol-whippings and running them out of town and into the history books.

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