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  1. It’s not a radical idea…Feynman proposed more or less the same thing years ago. It is typical Hawking, though: global, fundamental, and almost entirely untestable.

  2. Damien Damien

    Feynman was sum over paths for individual particles, this is sum over universal collection of particles and forces.

    Testable via observation and prediction, and explanatory power. Not air tight, by any means, but certainly useful.

  3. Jim Tuck Jim Tuck

    This has given me inspiration to prepare a new canned comeback for my snobby, independant film watching friends.

    What d’yall think of “Sure, Citizen Kane is good. If you’re one of those unevolved knuckle-dragging linear causal thinkers like that Feynman moron. But when you go all Hawking-Hertog on it, even crap like Highlander 2 is a better movie.”?

    In my defense, I loved ‘Kane’.. But any group of folks that will glibly call ‘Deadwood’ “Revisionist crap” and honestly questioned my sanity when I offered up ‘Ergo Proxy’ as an example of existentialism in anime need to be spanked.

  4. Mason Mason

    i am puzzled by how most physics theory works around the idea that as life exists as it is, then the universe must have been almost designed or chosen with that in mind. isn’t it more likely that the universe formed, then life came into existance that suited the conditions available? otherwise it presupposes that presently known lifeforms are the only possible ones imaginable, which seems a massive assumption.

  5. Jim Tuck Jim Tuck


    Life as we know it exists as a fluke according to physics.

    It basically boils down to:
    “There’s a slim chance any spot in the universe will form a solar system.”
    “In any solar system, there is a slim chance for any one body to be able to harbor life.”
    “On any body capable of harboring life, there is a tiny chance for the proper chemicals to be present.”
    “On any body with the needed chemicals, there is a minuscule chance for replicated DNA/RNA based life to evolve”
    “On the planets with replicative DNA/RNA based life, there is but a chance out of a hundred million sentient life will evolve.”
    “On those planets, there is an infinitesimal chance that humans will be the end result.”

    The universe is for all intents and purposes infinite. All outcomes have or will happen, somewhere, sometime. Imagining that we’re the only life forms possible in this universe is a little too egotistical.

  6. I love string theory, the last time I looked at it though it appears that it works in all other Universes apart from our own.

    (However, I am not a physicist)

  7. Niels Niels

    Sounds to me like Hawking was disappointed hypertime didnt’t return to the DCU after Infinite Crisis, so now he’s trying to make it so that it exists in our own reality.

  8. Man…this is great stuff. It’s just like the original Crisis on Infinite Earths. Well…without the tights & capes if you don’t count Shakespeare.

    I still agree that it’sturtles all the way down…these guys just wanna get published for printing outrageous ideas…just like someone else here I know. Ahem…right W? ^_^

    Thanks for the link. Great food for the mind.

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