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links for 2006-07-28


  1. Johnny Anarchy Johnny Anarchy

    “Evidence of atomic nitrogen in interstellar gas clouds suggests that pre-life molecules may be present in comets, a discovery that gives a clue about the early conditions that gave rise to life”

    Comets = God Sperm?

  2. So we owe life on earth to an act of cosmic bukakke?

  3. henry henry

    ‘The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has voted unanimously in favor of a plan to provide universal health insurance for San Franciscans….the Chamber of Commerce predicts a court fight because businesses that do not provide health coverage would be required to help fund it…(t)he program is projected to cost $200 million, with funding coming from the city budget, individual premiums and business payments.’

    (((someone has to pay for the insurance…fairly obvious who that’s going to be)))

    (((taxpayers and small business — as usual — picking up the enforced tab to satisfy the good intentions of shortsighted politicians…politicians less concerned about the long-term effects of stupid policies and way more interested in securing votes and money from slanted special interests on both sides of the aisle…idiots)))

  4. The dead zone off of Oregon AND Washington state is scary in that it’s the first concrete example of encroaching climactic impact that I’ve been able to observe firsthand. Each summer for the last few years, it’s been possible to find dead seabirds littered all over the coastline, who have starved to death looking for their offshore food.

  5. I don’t think your average delusional, distracted middle-American will care about those dead zones until Red Lobster is reduced to serving “All You Can Eat Guppy Crispers.”

    And then they’ll try to blame it on China, or the gay marriages that occurred in Oregon in 2004, or natural cycles that we have no control over.

    What we need is for Submariner to climb out of Puget Sound and start killing people driving S.U.V.s.

  6. Damien Damien

    Stefan: I approve.

  7. I’d settle for Aquaman shoving stinging jellyfish up the kiesters of Jet-Ski riders.

  8. Andy Andy

    Aquaman DOES love his keisters.

  9. Jacob Jacob

    Good man Stefan…but I really think that the absolute start point is to take down those goddamn insanely vile, pretensious SUV limos. To drag out by their hair the fucking wastes of flesh who hire them, pluck out their eyes and piss in the bloody cavity before turning the limo’s themselves into attractive, yet functional roadblocks and then going forth with all his oceanic majesty (or as much majesty as can be had in speedo’s)and slaughtering the rest of the sonsabitches who try to routinely run me over while cruising through red lights and talking on their mobile phones. Bastards….Or Aquaman, hell I don’t care as long as the occular cavities of the irresponsibly stupid upper middle class etc. are horrifically defiled I’m happy.

  10. Bob Gunderson Bob Gunderson

    The gays are attacking our all-you-can-eat lobster platters!?!! Damnit! First they sodomize all over the bible and family values and now this! Like Aquaman is gonna help matters. He and Aqualad just make matters worse. Much, much worse.

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