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  1. That moment in the book is touching. It is the one that made me a fan.

  2. G. Rocco G. Rocco

    what Peter says. Double it. That is a moment, for me, that represents Jones fully.

  3. One of my favorite moments out of the story. Love the artwork there…I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll see a wallpaper of that shot sometime.

  4. Frito Frito

    Certainly placed Jones in a much more human light. Emily might be one of the most sympathetic characters I have ever seen. I look forward to the series starting back up.

  5. Maciej G. Maciej G.

    I need it in 1920 by 1200…

  6. Weird, I never found these moments at all touching.

    I always felt like she didn’t really want or like Desolation; but that she NEEDS comfort, so she is forced into begging for it from him.

    Jones on the other-hand only does what he has to, when he’s pushed.

    Her pleading is what pushes him into a ‘touching’ moment like this. It never felt like either one of them cared for these moments outside of when they are happening.

    But what do I know? That’s just what I take from it.

  7. One of my favorite scenes from the book.

  8. Required Required

    No, I think Jones does care about her: “This town finds a new way to break my heart every fucking day.” Think she cares about him too. (This was also for me the scene which got me hooked on the book.)

    Of course, he’s still a bastard who’s going to blow everyone up with a robot snake. Yay Jones!

  9. Emily breaks my fucking heart. She’s brilliantly written; she’s maybe written as the one thing that could break *Jones’* heart consistently.
    That moment hit me hard. And yeah, to second: while I was impressed as hell with the general art and writing on the early issues of the series, it’s Emily and this moment that actually hooked me. The subject material of the book really isn’t my thing, normally, and I suddenly found myself *not caring*.

  10. I’ll chime in with the others. That has to be one of my favorite bits from the first arc. I’m really looking forward to the PKD crazziness in the second arc.

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