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  1. Dracko Dracko


    The music really does complement it.

  2. I don’t know what frightens me more — the fact that I keep looking when you say not to, or the fact that I’d already seen it before.

  3. Glyn Glyn

    You’re like a cat that leaves gutted mice in its owners bed.
    It’s fucking disgusting but it’s your way of showing you love us.

  4. Ha, not this time Mister!

    I see that filename.

  5. crb crb

    That is just…horribly wrong. I saw the title, but it instantly became like a car accident and I had to look. Damn my curiosity. Damn it to hell.

  6. And oh, it dances! *glee*

    (but you can’t scare me, because I’ve seen that already. :P)

  7. GHAAAAA! Someone pour the bleach in my eye’s! BLEACH MY EYE’S!!!!

  8. Kylla Kylla

    Sometimes, I wish I wasn’t sitting behind a government-owned computer.

  9. Andy Andy

    “don’t look” is my favorite game.

    “don’t look” is my least favorite game.


  10. I’m sending you my shrink bill.

  11. chris chris

    you know what i liek to do? I like to NOT look, and leave it to my imagination…but even I’m not sick enough.

  12. Kelly J. Compeau Kelly J. Compeau

    Why? Why do you keep doing this to me, Warren? Isn’t it bad enough that your perversions haunt me in my dreams?

  13. Abe Abe

    So my self-destructive curiosity drove me to look at that, but it’s not quite self-destructive enough for me to want to find out what that metal thing was or what it was for.
    It’s like some kind of horrible, pornographic cross between a sword swallower and a snake charmer.

  14. Jay Jay

    The worst part was, when I tried to shut it off in the middle, Windows Media Player locked up for about 30 seconds so none of the controls would work.

    Damn you, Mr. Ellis.

  15. I’m trying to figure out what the advantages of doing that to your cock would be. In what situation will a deformed penis be a good thing?

  16. Glessner Glessner

    Some day, Warren, I’ll get revenge.
    Some day.

  17. Robin Robin

    It…it was like some horrible fountain.
    Damn you Warren! Damn you to the vilest pits of Hell!

  18. It wouldn’t run on my computer. Was it as creepy as the fact that you apparently SEE ME!?

    Oh nO!

  19. Milo Milo

    I’m not sure which is worse: that I tried to predict what it was based on the file name, or the fact that I was right…

  20. Jacob Jacob

    MOO-HOO-HA-HAAA! It was my BRAIN THAT DIED YOU CREEPY FUCK! No, really I’ve seen worse (often through links from Intarwub Jesus here) and that wasn’t as bad as I thought…and I had Golden Brown by the Stranglers going as accompaniment, lovely.

  21. Matt Matt

    Its like some pavlovian reflex, Internet Jesus!

  22. M. E. Hepler M. E. Hepler


  23. Dan Dan

    Oh dear Christ. Why?

  24. Myles Myles

    Warren, you always take me to the nicest places.

  25. I am never going to listen. But then again these things never bother me as much as most other people seem to get bothered by them.

  26. James K James K

    When I take over, all these people are going into my special camps.

  27. εδ εδ

    Was it just me that found that hilariously funny?

  28. Jacob Jacob


  29. Allen Allen

    to Tom Flask
    Well, obviously his advantage for doing that to his cock is so that he has easier access when sounding (if you don’t know what it is look it up, or just guess from the context) as he seems to enjoy doing that. Personally I would never ever ever ever mutilate my precious nether regions even if it did make some things feel better, but apparently some people do not have that standard.
    to Warren
    Heh, you can do better.

  30. Naoalm Dog Naoalm Dog

    What did he do? Use a shotgun on himself? Maybe he should stick it to a stove-eye next…

  31. Dylan Dylan

    i have to say, i’m impressed it still worked.

  32. Philo Philo

    Like something from a Chuck Palahniuk novel minus the annoying and contrived plot and characters. So just vaguely creepy.

    REALLY creepy is that idea that this was voluntary. Really hope was the result of bizarre nude fly fishing accident–

    “A River Runs Through It”, By Chuck Palahniuk.

    Perhaps that book would have been better written by him.

  33. Jeaves Jeaves

    I no longer click anything linked from this web page to modblog. Fool me once, fucker.

  34. The best part about all these ‘Don’t look’ links is NOT looking and reading through the comments to decypher what lies beyond…

    Following the link is just the cherry on top of the delicious cake of mystery, intrigue and mutilated genitals.

  35. the cherry’s on top, but between that and the cake lies a white gooey layer… of double the fun.

  36. *shudder*

    My own cherished nether regions blanched, shrank and screamed “we’ll be good from now on, Master”!

  37. Well played, sir. I’m adding it to the hall of shame.

  38. Sobreiro Sobreiro

    And yet people love you.

  39. >| SHUDDER |

  40. I dare you to watch it again.

  41. drowning idiot at the kids party drowning idiot at the kids party

    a screwdriver operated cock. Marvellous.

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