41 thoughts on “Don’t Look”

  1. That is just…horribly wrong. I saw the title, but it instantly became like a car accident and I had to look. Damn my curiosity. Damn it to hell.

  2. So my self-destructive curiosity drove me to look at that, but it’s not quite self-destructive enough for me to want to find out what that metal thing was or what it was for.
    It’s like some kind of horrible, pornographic cross between a sword swallower and a snake charmer.

  3. The worst part was, when I tried to shut it off in the middle, Windows Media Player locked up for about 30 seconds so none of the controls would work.

    Damn you, Mr. Ellis.

  4. MOO-HOO-HA-HAAA! It was my BRAIN THAT DIED YOU CREEPY FUCK! No, really I’ve seen worse (often through links from Intarwub Jesus here) and that wasn’t as bad as I thought…and I had Golden Brown by the Stranglers going as accompaniment, lovely.

  5. to Tom Flask
    Well, obviously his advantage for doing that to his cock is so that he has easier access when sounding (if you don’t know what it is look it up, or just guess from the context) as he seems to enjoy doing that. Personally I would never ever ever ever mutilate my precious nether regions even if it did make some things feel better, but apparently some people do not have that standard.
    to Warren
    Heh, you can do better.

  6. Like something from a Chuck Palahniuk novel minus the annoying and contrived plot and characters. So just vaguely creepy.

    REALLY creepy is that idea that this was voluntary. Really hope was the result of bizarre nude fly fishing accident–

    “A River Runs Through It”, By Chuck Palahniuk.

    Perhaps that book would have been better written by him.

  7. The best part about all these ‘Don’t look’ links is NOT looking and reading through the comments to decypher what lies beyond…

    Following the link is just the cherry on top of the delicious cake of mystery, intrigue and mutilated genitals.

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