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  1. …wow.

  2. Thumpsquid Thumpsquid

    he was very enthusiastic, but the other clowns didn’t like him

  3. “…John found an unusual way to cure his hayfever”.

    Or is it because his glasses are a bit dull?

  4. The looking sad is a bit of an illusion due to the large labret changing his mouth shape, and the eyebrow tattoos gives a false sense of emotion I think…

  5. You’d be sad too, if you just discovered that your true calling in life was to become a certified public accountant.

  6. Head colds must be a bitch for that guy.

  7. Andy Andy

    I’d pay money for video of this guy sneezing made with a high-speed camera and slowed down to about 1/8 speed.

  8. Tim Tim

    If that’s his happy face just wait until one of his stretched earlobes break.

  9. “Why, no, Billy, I think your grotesquely swollen nose is VERY attractive. Why do you ask?”

  10. mario boon mario boon

    he’s just “moody” that’s all

  11. i am not sad at all

    acutally i am quite the oppistie all the time

    its just a picture… look to much into things

  12. mark mark

    the eyebrow vines are way cute.

  13. Dracko Dracko

    He can’t seem to type properly now either.

  14. Well, all that metal is pulling his mouth down into a frown, he can’t help it.

  15. Doug Pasnak Doug Pasnak

    He is unhappy about never getting to be an extra on Babylon 5.

  16. optical optical

    Everything looks cool but the fucking’ nose.
    And the X… ah, I knew it! A Machead! That explains everything!

    =disclaimer: I own a Mac and even my best friends are macheads themsleves.

  17. MrPerson MrPerson

    So why doesn’t this guy have Bluetooth speakers installed in his earlobes instead of that boring old stone-age jewellery?

  18. jimmyvalon jimmyvalon

    The nose looks photoshopped to me actually

  19. you should go to modblog and look at the new entries and you can see my nose without jewelry in it

  20. Doug Pasnak Doug Pasnak

    Thanks for the invite Pauly but your pic is usually only here to horrify and/or amuse.

  21. i was simply responding to the accusation the nose is photoshopped

  22. Arjan Arjan

    This guy is to the clown cosmetics industry what Michael Jackson is to plastic surgery.

    Bozo cried…

  23. ” Doug Pasnak Says:
    July 28th, 2006 at 12:30 am

    Thanks for the invite Pauly but your pic is usually only here to horrify and/or amuse. ”

    how forbidding, that pauly and this post (respectively) may be creative and inspiring to some. deal with it.

  24. David Cutler David Cutler

    I try to keep an open mind, but then I stop and wonder what that stretched out face will look like at 70 and I cry a little bit.

  25. 0ei4ah 0ei4ah

    I’d be more impressed if people with big ear-loops like that cut the loops in two so that they had um.. tendrils.
    Lovely tendrils.

  26. stace stace

    Well, I had a labret along time ago. Still have a few earrings. Couple of tattoos. In the early 90’s I started getting into the body-mod stuff.

    Then I realized I had no real compulsion to do it. Nature made me ugly enough, lol.

    Tattoos are forever, the labret is a scar…

    I often wonder at the psychology of people who take body mod to this extreme. Moreso…is it an illness like Body Dismorphic Disorder? Or is it just people who want to feel like they are in control?

    Or do they just hate daddy? I dunno.

    Anyway, this guy looks like Moby from Star Trek’s mirror universe.

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