27 thoughts on “Tell Me You Don’t Know How He Feels”

  1. I really don’t know what everyone in Seattle has been complaining about the last few days.

    I can understand the “It normally doesn’t get that hot” is fine, but man. It was only 90 and change. I spent the two hottest days outside in the sun, wearing heavy jeans, thick leather boots, a long sleeved shirt and hard hat and didn’t really have any complaints.

    Well. The heat really made the garbage trains stink. I bet most of Georgetown could smell em.

  2. I reckon this photo was taken 2 seconds before the “Imperial Lasers’ Of Death” death lasers locked on and shot out of his nostirls. Killing all within a 12 mile radius.

    or he got a tummy rub

  3. Pugs are quite dangerous…

    and I think they are SO CUTE i make stupid noises every time I see them, throw myself on the floor, and let them drool all over me.

  4. You ain’t seen a hot dog until you’ve seen a Siberian Husky in Atlanta, GA in late July. The smart husky owners shave them in the summer down here.

  5. I must say, this is the last place I expected to see a picture of a wittle fuzzy-wuzzy dog (of death, yes). It’s a good picture, though.

  6. Why hasn’t Al Gore fixed this global warming shit already?

    Oh, that’s right, we didn’t elect him. We chose a texas oil man cause he’s more affable.

    America apologizes from it’s flaming grave.

  7. I thought it was a cute widdle sailor hat.

    At last Mr Ellis’s cute fluffy soul is exposed. I think we all knew all that sex, death, drugs and mutants thing was just a front. :p

  8. More likely an ice pack than a maxi-pad.

    * * *

    105 F in Portland last weekend.

    My shaggy belgian sheepdog lay on her side and panted until the ceiling fan went on; then it was belly-up and legs spread to let the breeze waft over her privates.

    If another heat wave hits, I’ll probably spring for the $60 it would take to shave her.

  9. Jim,

    Don’t know if your a “native”, but for those of us born and raised in this part of
    the continent, four straight days of 90+ degree heat IS a big deal. Wouldn’t have
    been quite so bad if we’d gotten a bit of a run-up to allow us to acclimatize, but
    when it goes from 75 to 95 in 24 hours, people tend to feel it.

    And sure, it was worse just about everywhere else, but last weekend was still
    comparatively BAD for us too.

  10. erm, about the husky comment… the stupid owners shave them. shaving makes the dogs hotter because you strip out the insulation.

    … yeah, i just HAD to say that. /dog groomer geekness

  11. Yes, thank-you for your defense of Seattle natives Comte. Honestly, we have mildew in our slow moving blood and if it dries up, we go insane…and not just a little bit either. I spent the entire weekend either at work, which is airconditioned but because the door is constantly opening and closing it was in the high eighties well into eleven PM, or in my apartment, which was about ninety at four o’clock in the goddamn morning despite the fact I’m in W. Seattle and a five minutes walk from the Sound. No wind, stagnant fucking air and the mildew to blood ration slowly shrinking until I felt like wearing shorts…and (god forbid) sandals….

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