China’s Artificial Sun

The first plasma discharge from China’s experimental advanced superconducting research center — the so-called “artificial sun” — is set to occur next month.

The discharge, expected about Aug. 15, will be conducted at Science Island in Hefei, in east China’s Anhui Province, the Peoples Daily reported Monday.

Scientists told the newspaper a successful test will mean the world’s first nuclear fusion device of its kind will be ready to go into actual operation, the newspaper said.

The plasma discharge will draw international attention since some scientists are concerned with risks involved in such a process. But Chinese researchers involved in the project say any radiation will cease once the test is completed.

The experiment will take place in a structure made of reinforced concrete, with five-foot-thick walls and a three-foot-thick roof.

15 thoughts on “China’s Artificial Sun”

  1. Ah, well…

    If the Earth does get destroyed by the Chinese, at least there’ll be an element of surprise. My money’s always been on the Yanks.

  2. “Chinese researchers involved in the project say any radiation will cease once the test is completed”
    Yes all the radiation will stop once it stops having enough fuel (aka the Earth) to burn.

    I figured we were going out with a whimper, looks like we might get the bang!

  3. I pray that they have an adequate tokamak – this sort of experiment could in theory ignite the earth’s oxygen, which would be a bad thing.

    But no-one’s gonna fuck with China; they’re going to THE future super power and lack adequate oil resources to justify a war.

  4. Mmh. So if the Big Burn starts in China, those of us on the western hemisphere will have ample warning and plenty of time…
    …to run around screaming like madmen and riot on the streets. Sweet.

  5. “Until it actually happens there’s nothing to worry about.”

    It looks like logic, but it actually isn’t. You could easily replace this statement by saying, “Before I made a mistake, I did not make that mistake.”

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