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links for 2006-07-25


  1. Damien Damien

    Good for Schwarzenegger. Seriously. I was worried that he was just going to be a tool of the Party (and he may be, to an extent; I don’t Live in California, so I don’t know the nuances), but he’s been firmly behind some of the most progressive campaigns, these past few years. So good for him.

  2. Someone should tell Ed Byrne to get one of those contempory-fangled Myspace music/ audio players.

    Sadly all I can remember of his routine was the Alanis Morrisette Ironic routine and was looking forward to being hit with more of the good stuff.

  3. Schwarzenegger shows some sense.

    What a lot of people don’t realize about Bush’s veto is what it meant for research. Now that labs aren’t federally funded, they aren’t required to adhere to government regulations. Funding is still coming in large chunks from private donors as well.

    So, while the presidents motives were terrifying, he may have accidentally done us a favor.

  4. the Governator, planting the seeds for the Rise of The Machines. or that other movie with the clones.

    nice to see Daspu [“From The Whos”, a riff on the unbelievably expensive shop Daslu] on the news.

  5. Jnthn Jnthn

    I was at university with Ed Byrne – Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. My enduring (well /only/) memory of Ed was him giving a speech during the student council elections to the effect of “please vote for me as Ents officer or I’ll have to leave university”.

    I can’t recall whether he was elected.


  6. Letícia Lopes Letícia Lopes

    “Brazil’s booming sex industry has long been a sensitive theme in a country known internationally for its sensuality but dominated by conservative social values. ”

    Fuck it.
    Sensuality is basically what keeps this country in deep shit.
    Brazilian so called sensuality is a mass produced/media induced wossname. It sells. Sex tourists keep the northeast states alive, those states are known as the “dwarf states”, a major conservative representation on the government.
    They are the “old, disgusting white men” over here. They are the ones that keep this country a fucking joke by using federal resources to found a “prostitute empowerment program” while at the same time vetoing the law that would give them the right to their profession. Why? Because those same men are the owners of the damn brothels and white-slave rings that exploit those womens fragility.

    And “dominated by conservative social values”?
    Hell yeah. Do you realise that until 1984 this country lived in a military dictatorship?
    I’m as old as our newborn democracy, and I gotta tell you it’s crap. The power is still in the same hands as it was before I was born. Nothing changes. I wonder if something ever will.

    Sorry for the rant.

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