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Chinese Miniatures

Google Earth, the satellite imaging site that brought us hovering cars, is now the source of a mysterious new find – this time an unusual man-made landscape in a remote part of China.

The Chinese site based in the very remote Huangyangtan region, appears to be a small-scale model of a piece of territory complete with snow-topped mountains, streams and valleys.

The find, recorded by a German member of a Google Earth community site, has triggered speculation that the site might have a military purpose.

The Keyhole site hosts discussions among enthusiasts who closely watch the geographical satellite data presented there and the find was reported by British IT news website, The Register.

According to comparative data gathered by members of the community, the rectangular simulation bears an uncanny resemblance to 450 kilometres of territory occupied by China, but claimed by India, in the Karakoram mountain range…

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  1. Marc Manzo Marc Manzo

    Very interesting. I love using Google Earth and have noticed that most of the images are around 2 years old, or older. So that image could be out of date. Who knows what it actually looks like now.

  2. Tyler Tyler

    These warhammer players are getting out of control.

  3. MattGreenhalgh MattGreenhalgh

    And a dog culling advert to boot!

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