Well, well. It’s all coming apart pretty horribly. Ellsworth thinks Alma has to get ripped to the tits on cheap opiates in order to be able to face her conjugal chores and is now sleeping in a ditch somewhere. Doc Cochrane’s coughing up chunks of lung all over the camp. Tolliver recovers a shred of sanity, and then loses it in believing Farnham would help him out for a lousy two hundred bucks. Odell’s got QUICK DEATH written all over his face. Charlie Utter really just wants to shoot some cocksucker. Sol doesn’t have a fucking clue what’s going on with anyone, and Trixie isn’t helping, what with her habit of not giving anyone the other half of any fucking conversation she has and leaving everyone not having the faintest idea what she’s talking about. Blasanov’s losing his shit, Merrick’s looking like he’s repressing the urge to fuck the next thing that falls in front of him, Joanie loves Jane, Bullock’s crazy, George Hearst is crazier… and, tonight, the camp elders gather to decide what to do about him.

But, of course, George Hearst has already sent a wire to points unknown.

My copy of DEADWOOD comes to me tomorrow. Are the rest of you geared up for it?

26 thoughts on “DEADWOOD Pre-Game”

  1. “Charlie Utter really just wants to shoot some cocksucker.”

    Seriously. Makes you wonder how it would have gone down if Hickock had still been around when Hearst showed up. Of course, he would have taken half a look at Wolcott and shot him in the kneecaps, groin and head, in that order, and sent the body back to wherever with a note saying “Don’t bother, hugs and kisses, Deadwood.”

  2. And how great was that conversation between Al & Trixie in the last episode? I usually tape Deadwood on DVR and watch it on Monday, and I think I rewound and watched that scene three times before I continued on with the rest of the ep.

  3. I tried the Deadwood drinking game suggested by Paul in the comments under the last post about Deadwood. Sadly enough, I simply cannot match the whisky intake shot for shot. 3 shots in the first 5 or so minutes and I knew I was in trouble…

  4. @Peaked: It’s not the winning, but the trying that counts.

    BTW – I hereby foreswear responsibility for any loss of life, sanity or organs (internal or external) resulting from anyone playing the Deadwood Drinking Game.

    ESPECIALLY if you’re playing catch up with with the season 1 and 2 boxed sets, you crazy bastards (oh my head, she hurt…).

  5. “DEADWOOD is now so good, I’m not even sure it’s television anymore. I don’t know what the fuck it’s become, but it’s not … that.”

    Oh, yes. I heartily agree. Talk about bang for your buck (is there an English version of that saying?), this show has really delivered since about episode 4 of the first season. Compared to the dreck on every other channel, this is what TV should aspire to.

  6. oh god yes!!
    thanks to the wonders of illegal distribution I’m also up to date with Deadwood. 2 more nights for me! But why do i get the feeling the big finale’s gonna be the burning down of Swearegen’s saloon?

  7. and if anyone from HBO needs an idea what to do next, two names: Galveston + Jean Lafitte.
    Deadwood one hundred years earlier. with frenchmen.

  8. The show keeps getting better and better. Thrills me to no end that the Earps are, apparently, shaping up to be played as the ruthless thugs that they were in real life.

  9. @Daniel Burk: most episodes of Deadwood are freaking funny. i’ve not left one ep yet without laughing out loud once.

    that show captivates the hell out of me. Bullock’s a tick bite away from blasting the entire town away. swearengen’s a little down these days. guess having a finger chopped off does that to ya. he still gets the best “wtf moments” in the show. the guy trying to sell him a “stump sash”…priceless.

  10. In all fairness to Tolliver, Farnum is (or at least gives the appearance) of being a craven little fuck whos allegiance is for sale, not to mention the very recent beating by Bullock (nominally, at leat, a part of the Swearingen “camp”) that might give someone the impression that E.B. is no longer as fond of that mob as he previously was.

    In fact, when watching the episode, the surprise wasn’t so much Tolliver trusting the guy, but E.B’s steadfast devotion to Al.

  11. I laughed alot.

    It’s like an hour of bliss. Every character has such interesting arcs, even if they aren’t on very long.

    The Earps look like trouble and I can’t fucking wait.

    Still waiting for Al to get out of his slump though…

  12. Y’know, I was going to wait for the DVD set, but…damn it, these little tidbits of Season 3 I keep hearing have me saying “Fuck it, Torrents away!”

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