Important News From San Diego

Matt Fraction texts from Nerd Prom:

Guy in line in front of my table peeling the skin off his forehead and eating it

also we just sold out of CASANOVA #1

17 thoughts on “Important News From San Diego”

  1. It’s sights like that and the gamer’s funk which tend to show up in comic stores that’s driven me from buying comics for the most part.

  2. Last time i was at San Diego some big sour smelling bastard in line had cheese growing in his folds. His beard showing evidence of at least a few weeks of meals and snot. whom ever let this guy out of his mothers basement should of hosed the fucker off.

  3. It’s sights like this that have driven me from playing Magic: The Gathering. Way back when I was young and suddenly realized that I was way too handsome to hang with that crowd. Coincidentally, it didn’t take long before I was discovered by girls right after leaving fantasy role-playing behind and switching my expenses to my new-found love: Comics! Which evidentally proves, that IF used appropiately and approached with the right state of mind, them funnybooks will add to your overall attractiveness. Or so I like to think.
    – (what do you mean narcissistic?)

  4. Bill, you just made my hungover morning with your comment.

    Of course, it makes thermodynamic sense to eat your own skin. I mean, you made the stuff, right?

  5. So what – the guy was grooming himself like a cat before meeting Ms. Dawson? Has no one told their children about showering and shaving and well, hygeine?

    Kids these days. There just aren’t enough bullets…

  6. That is why, Bill, I like blunderbusseses(?) so, OK, they are old fashioned, but you can pack ’em with nearly anything, up to and including rusty fucking nails, and you get a marvelous spread.

    Pablo you are correct…my current innamorata finds my comic book habit (as have other women in the past) erm, “eccentric”. “Eccentric” I can live with. When I admit to her that I was really into role-playing she looks at me as if I’d just admitted to having anal sex with an animal I’ve just chloroformed while watching videos of kittens being tortured and says “Well, you were young.”

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