Patton At Nerd Prom

July 23rd, 2006 | people I know

Patton Oswalt blogs from San Diego. This is the entire entry:

I’m about to stand close to a bunch of people who don’t like other people close to them. Including me. Did that make sense? I’m high on sadness.

2 Responses to “Patton At Nerd Prom”

  1. Yes….yes it does, Patton……filthy bastards with little regard to personal hygene…….that babbling prick with opinion on every god damn comic book character who cant but help share this unwanted info despite your apparent lack of interest….the cunts working the floor asking you to bunch up closer to these types. I was a little disappointed I didnt go this year but kind of glad I dont have to endure that shit.

  2. …wow. Not that you’re, you know, /bitter/ or anything… :)