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  1. I think I saw her at Wondercon last year…

  2. Mike L Mike L

    Something is very wrong with me… I tend to fancy blue girls. I need help. Or really, what I need is to meet a blue girl…

  3. that’s a pretty booth. I said booth.

    her flickr tell us she’s got genuine Frankenstein stiches in one finger. which make her even more sexy.

  4. Finally, a wacky dressed up freak at Comic Con I can get into.

  5. NinjaDebugger NinjaDebugger

    I think you are sadly mistaken if you think you will get into that, sir.

  6. Big Dave Big Dave

    Is that Kari Byron from mythbusters?


  7. MattGreenhalgh MattGreenhalgh

    In my mind a pair of bouncers are restraining Bill Shatner from chasing after green women, just off camera.

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