30 thoughts on “NERD PROM: Oh My God, He’s Back”

  1. Darth almighty, feel my temperature rising
    Higher higher, it’s burning through to the core
    Luke, Luke, Luke, Luke, You’re gonna set me on fire
    My station’s flaming, and I don’t know which way to go

    Your lasers lift me higher than a Tattoine choir
    You light my morning sky with deathstar love

    I’m just a hunka, hunka deathstar love
    Just a hunka, hunka deathstar love

    (ahem) I’ll go now.

  2. This guy is everywhere. Caught a pic of him at WonderCon in SF. Of course, he had princess Leia in tow (which was cool). Someone should make an edit of Star Wars and digitally insert him into the film.

  3. Man I can’t believe you guys are slating StormTrooper Elvis!!!

    He’s only wearing gloves to hide stigmata, this man is clearly intimate with God in many ways.

    He only has to sing a single note and he’d divinely impregnate every woman within a 5 mile radius, turn water into cheeseburgers, etc

    This guy should have his own Spin off movie where he fights boyband zombies and Bushzilla

    Bow the f*ck down people…

  4. Imagine this, coming to see what Warren is up to and finding Stormtrooper Elvis. Then upon studying his face, you realize you’ve found yet another look alike of yourself. And yet again, its an overzealous fanboy. First, Dukes of Hazzard nut, now Stormtrooper Elvis. I can’t wait to see what’s next! I think perhaps I’m a cloning experiment gone wrong.

  5. Storm Trooper Elvis was a highlight of my weekend!

    The back of his costume is amazing. His Elvis cape has the Death Star logo in rhinestones.

    Storm Trooper Elvis wins at life.

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