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  1. man, the covers are always so cool. Why can’t there be more comic like this?

  2. G. Rocco G. Rocco

    Grisser, my thoughts exactly. But then, if there were a lot of comics like this, this wouldn’t be so special, right?

    Does Cap bring soap this issue?

  3. Richard Rittenhouse Richard Rittenhouse

    I LOVE that title logo. Love, love, love.

  4. Niels Niels

    If there were more comics like this, nextwave would probably have to kill them.

  5. Captain America versus The Captain?

    NEXTWAVE Is Love!

  6. Andy Andy

    Wow, Marvel let you within a thousand yards of Captain America?

    Sweet. I cannot fucking wait.

  7. Lesa Lesa

    As always much anticipated!!! Were it not for you I would not be the twisted individual I am today.

    Many thanks.

  8. “Marvel let you within a thousand yards of Captain America?”

    The operative word here, I think, is “again.”

    “Ether-huffing Fruitbat” America appeared in the pages of DOOM 2099, after all.

    Ah, Communion Jack. Soothes the pain.


  9. Andy Andy

    I was not aware of Doom 2099, and shall have to look into it.

  10. I hope with Captain America appearing, there will be some performance enhancing drug jokes wedged in there somewhere.

    I do think someone missed a great oppertunity to make fun of those shitty “Civil War” covers though.

  11. Marc Manzo Marc Manzo

    Warren also got his hands on Cap in Ultimate Extinction.

  12. This makes my ovaries happy.

  13. Tim Tim

    >>This makes my ovaries happy.

    This makes my underies happy.

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