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  1. Oh to have boobies like that again. *sigh*

    I’ve got a day job again. First check is either AC or Katie West. Most likely both.

  2. FatFred FatFred

    Today would have been Hunter’s 68th Birthday.
    I think he would have liked this.

  3. mmmm… ketchup :-P

  4. el_randall el_randall

    or hershey’s syrup
    either way, it’s still filed under ‘free boob’

  5. Kelly J. Compeau Kelly J. Compeau

    I can barely remember a time when my nipples pointed upward like that. Nowadays, they just kinda sway back and forth across my tummy as I walk. Oh, the joys of middle age. :-(

  6. ketchup? ugh. i would have puked. hershey’s syrup? what a waste.

    hair dye.

  7. el_randall el_randall

    well, ms. West, I reckon that would do as well.

  8. Will Will


    I love you.

  9. Tui Tui

    Quite possibly the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen

  10. Katie West has an effect on me. I’m not sure what it is I am feeling, but I think it’s love coupled with a dash of I should know better, I’ve been there before.

  11. RMC RMC

    I have no words, in the best possible way.

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