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  1. Kendall Gray Kendall Gray

    Mickey Spillane will never die. EVER. There may be some rotting meat on a slab somewhere, but Mickey? Knock all you want, he isn’t in there. He’s on the page, on the screen, and in our heads.

    “I palmed that short nosed .32 and laid it across his cheek with a crack that split the flesh open. He rocked back into his chair with his mouth hanging, drooling blood and saliva over his chin. I sat there smiling, but nothing was funny.”
    -Vengeance Is Mine.

    Love that guy. Always will.

  2. Will Butler Will Butler

    I’ve only in the last year or two really gotten into the old pulp crime novels, and I can say that if I ever create a character one tenth as badass as Mike Hammer, I’ll consider myself as having done something. Cheers, Mr. Spillane.

  3. Ted Ted

    I agree. Always read his stuff with the utmost pleasure and glee.

  4. C. E. Nelson C. E. Nelson

    Sad news indeed.

    Cheers, Mickey. You will be missed.

  5. Jasper Jasper

    Anyone got recommendations for what to read and where to find it? Sounds like I’ve missed something good.

  6. “The Complete Mike Hammer Novels” volumes 1 & 2 are terrifically cheap at Amazon, particularly if you buy any of the many used copies. I’d start with the first volume, as I think this was some of Spillane’s best stuff.

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