15 thoughts on “No. No No No Nononono NO”

  1. I wouldn’t say it’s wrong, exactly.
    But definitely unexpected.
    This is a lot more “tasteful” than people who like to be pissed on, though.

    I stopped somewhere around the point he had a hard-on. Not my cup of tea.

  2. I’ve just had flashbacks to my nursey time when I would wash and help feed fellas much like him.

    Never thought of them wanting to have a wank though. Though to be fair, I suppose I’d have to give it a go if I were in his position – hard to break the habit of a lifetime…

  3. I hate to rain on everyone’s parade here, but you do all realise the only thing that seperates you from that guy is one car accident, one bullet, one infection, or one fight at your bar or pub…

    Not everyone is pretty or perfect. Accepting that is part of being a humane adult.

  4. 1) Tim, you must respect the penis.

    2) Richard, I am afraid I am more than one bullet away from carefully video-recording myself masturbating and then letting the resultant video loose on the internet.

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