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  1. M. E. Hepler M. E. Hepler

    so…tempting…must wait till…midnight showing…spooock.

  2. Well fuck, I think I notice someone recording this and putting it up on IGN. Who do I report this thought crime to?

  3. gotta find a place in jersey that’s showing this fucking thing. been wanting to see this thing for ages.
    why the hell did they put off the release of it for so long because they wanted to “promote” it more, then in the end release it in select cities before the nationwide opening anyway?
    fuck this, i’m getting on the train to nyc right now…

  4. m.lynch m.lynch

    it was a o.k movie, i loved what they did with the rotoscoping, but he story line was redundant

  5. How is a storyline redundant?

  6. Gah!…Must…wait…for…UK…opening…

    Why can’t we have global openings these days? Anyone would think that the studios wanted to encourage piracy as publicity for the rest of the world.

  7. Peaked Peaked

    Damn these bastards, I really want to watch their movie, but they just won’t let me. I’m trying hard to find a theatre in driving distance. Why won’t they just let me give them my money already?

  8. Dane Dane

    It was good. Overall very faithful to the book but with some omissions. Some paranoia lost due to the lack of a narration, but still very much the same atmosphere as the book.

  9. el_randall el_randall

    it was fukin’ sweet
    there had better ba an acadamy award for best supporting actor: robert downing jr.
    “you’re like a cat with no wiskers lost behind the refigerator….” (paraphrasing here)

  10. rhombus rhombus

    Worst movie I’ve seen this year. If it’s faithful to the book, it might have been a good idea to change it for the screen. This was not a story told in pictures. It was a story told in chit-chat. Had a lot of potential, and helps maintain the idea that Sci-Fi is box office poison.

    Rotoscoping was cool, but I expected more from the story.

  11. Marc Manzo Marc Manzo

    It was good. Different. Definitely felt Philip K. Dick and the rotoscope was very appropriate.

  12. After watching the first 24 minutes on IGN, the next thing I had to do was walk to the theatre and see it.

    The rotoscoping technique really works for this, as it amplifies both the paranoid and hallucinatory aspects of the story. I don’t think this movie would have been better with ‘traditional’ CGI effects.

    I’d love to see the raw footage pre-rotoscoping, though. I’m curious about where some of the performances might have been exaggerated in the animation process, particularly the opening scene.

    Robert Downey Jr. is brilliant in this, and according to Linklater, provided the line about “There are no weekend warriors on the D. Either you’re addicted or you haven’t tried it.” This material also plays to Keanu Reeve’s special ability to play vacant, lost characters — that ‘whoa’ factor. And it is a special ability — Reeves’ various character appearances in smaller films show that he can play other roles.

    Great drug war paranoia story, too. It confirms your worst fears about the War on Drugs.

  13. […] Several interviews with the director and actors, along with the first 24 minutes of the movie on IGN! (via Uncle Warren) […]

  14. Glessner Glessner

    Hey rhombus, this is Richard Linklater doing Philip K. Dick. If it weren’t verbose and somewhat rambling, it’d be bullshit, and completely unlike what the original writer would want, and even further from what the director would want. Read the book and watch Slacker…you’ll see why it is the way it is.

  15. I have always rated ‘a scanner darkly’ as one of PKD’s most sublime moments [along with the VALIS trilogy] – in the universe next door i imagine this is a standard text in philosophy as it generates more thoughts about self,identity, gnosis and what it means to be human than an entire shelf of western epistemology can generate [though i guess the same can be said about the majority of PKD’s work]

    I really enjoyed ‘Waking Life’ by Linkletter so i am really looking forward to seeing this [and thanks to utorrent & the maVens pirates that should be in a few hours – and not a few months till it comes to the UK] and lets face it, Blade Runner aside, its not gonna be hard to give a better ‘screen treatment’ of a PKD novel than the dross that has been churned out by hollywyrd in the last few years [Paycheck – enough said]

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