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links for 2006-07-14


  1. Jonathan Jonathan

    It’s nice to see someone finally figured out that it’s much better to actually fly into space, rather than just hurl cocanuts.

  2. Can we focus on the old women getting hit by trucks?

  3. Chris Doring Chris Doring

    WTF Indeed….

  4. this is just fucking odd…

    I know it’s totally wrong, but I found myself responding “hmm, nice site design.”

    Damn the University of Oregon and their Multimedia Design degree!

  5. I’m having “Dark Star” flashbacks. Hope those critters don’t like playing in elevator shafts…

  6. elodie elodie

    …. that is so WEIRD.

  7. Maciej G. Maciej G.

    Eh? That weird polish site seems to be an Internet community dev group.

  8. Cute lil’ droids. But, I wonder how long it will be until some
    bored ISS astronaut ties on a blindfold and tries to whack one
    like a zero-g pinata?

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