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  1. Brodmann areas are a way of anatomically describing particular parts of the brain. That is what the cited article is describing when they talk about “area 10″.

  2. I think “Brain Area X” would sell better.

  3. This must be some sort of “Twilight Zone of the Thoughts”…

  4. This must be some sort of “Twilight Zone of the Thoughts”.

  5. I always knew my grip on reality was tenuous at best.

  6. Holy crap, this Brain Area 10 shit explains why I SWEAR to you that I saw Jessica Alba topless in Sin City!

  7. Too weird. I just wrote about the accidental diamond production the company I work for and then was on to the dog crap cement–and I found both of them here.

    I think I like it here.

  8. “for” the company I work for…

  9. that’s it. there are brain areas 1 through 57, like beans.