Country Girl

Funny, grotty, increasingly mean-spirited video for an oldschool footstamping sleazy Primal Scream pop song:

12 thoughts on “Country Girl”

  1. Primal Scream + Mandolin + Hoegaarden + Jonas Aukerland (sp?) = ME ROCKING IN MY SWIVEL CHAIR!

    Shame about Gillespies dancing. Its the best song of the year though, ta Mr Eliis for cheering up a dull friday!

  2. Wow, a Neil Gaiman clone sing in Primal Scream and i never suspected it before!

    hehehehe, ok, it was a horrible joke, but is a cool clip

  3. I just got in from my whirlwind tour of downtown Nashville’s nightlife, and I come home to see this highlight real of that cowgirl I saw stumbling down 2nd Ave. You are better than ESPN.

  4. so country girls live to ruin their kidney’s and snort cocaine? I’m not sure if this clip is really “funny” unless we’re laughing because we think we’re superior to this character, which is the obvious intention. Apparently the director’s contempt for women has to be given a visual medium to express itself in.

  5. Amusing clip, even if it does skate the edge of black comedy.

    I have it on authority that Kevin Shields is concentrating on his own material and will not be playing with The Primals anytime in the near future (that’s the plan).

    Don’t ask how I know this, I might get my legs broke : )

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