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FELL #6: An Early Page

An early page from FELL #6, illustrated by Ben Templesmith, for those of you bemoaning the lack of Nun In The Nixon Mask in the previous issue:

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  1. great style!

  2. Who was bemoaning?

    I was relieved!

  3. Damien Damien

    That damned, frightening, crazy nun…

  4. Maciej G. Maciej G.

    Wait… the nun, has two right hands?

  5. Quite clearly not. Get stronger glasses. Or stop wanking.

  6. Yes! There is the sickness that I have been craving! Feed me! Feed me your disease!

  7. Robin Robin

    I’m really looking forward to his “Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse” series. The taster came out about a month or so ago and it was wonderful!

  8. Damien Damien

    Wormwood seems to be a popular theme, these months… Garth Ennis, Ben Templesmith…

    So many comics. So little money.

  9. Maciej G. Maciej G.

    Oh. I guess thats a knuckle, not a thumb.
    ..and I am too lonely to stop wanking.

  10. Robin Robin

    I’ve read the preview of Ennis’ Wormwood. It’s interesting, but Templesmith’s Wormwood has a really nice concept and good art.

  11. Mayko! Mayko!

    I wonder if there’ll ever be a real Sister Nixon confrontation?


  12. I wonder how soon we will start seeing nuns with Nixon masks showing up at the cons…

    What I would give to see one standing in the midst of a squad of stormtroopers.

  13. Sail Sail

    I didn’t mind the Nun not being in #5.. what, was she going to be in the interogation room? She didn’t seem to fit that story. Wouldn’t it just be a formula if she was in every issue?

  14. I like the new artist. Very nice choice.

  15. New artist? Are you thinking of DESOLATION JONES?

  16. rag rag

    OK, when are we gonna get that #6 and #7 and #8 and #9…

    Fell in Love with Fell (so cheezy)

  17. Art Grafunkel Art Grafunkel

    So what do YOU think about WormWood, Warren?

  18. I have no idea what you’re talking about, I’m afraid.

  19. Thumpsquid Thumpsquid

    Right, I’ve got the Nixon mask, rented the nun’s habit and got my ticket to Hero Con. Now all I need is a ticket to North Carolina. Any Ideas?

  20. Xenos Xenos

    Oh yeah, Wormwood Gentleman Corpse was awesome too. Stuff like that and Fell remind me why I love comics.

    Meanwhile, crap like the current Nightwing takes a hero from my highschool days and childhood, rapes them, makes lame copies of them, and shits them out then assumes I want to come back for more. (Sadlly, I was being literal there.)

    So a big thank you to Warren and Ben for helping to remind me how good comics can be.

  21. Jenn Jenn

    So, when exactly WILL this issue be available???

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