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Religious Groups Attempting To Engineer Armageddon

“End times” religious groups want apocalypse sooner than later, and they’re relying on high tech — and red heifers — to hasten its arrival.

For thousands of years, prophets have predicted the end of the world. Today, various religious groups, using the latest technology, are trying to hasten it.

Their endgame is to speed the promised arrival of a messiah. For some Christians this means laying the groundwork for Armageddon. With that goal in mind, mega-church pastors recently met in Inglewood to polish strategies for using global communications and aircraft to transport missionaries to fulfill the Great Commission: to make every person on Earth aware of Jesus’ message. Doing so, they believe, will bring about the end, perhaps within two decades.

In Iran, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has a far different vision. As mayor of Tehran in 2004, he spent millions on improvements to make the city more welcoming for the return of a Muslim messiah known as the Mahdi, according to a recent report by the American Foreign Policy Center, a nonpartisan think tank. To the majority of Shiites, the Mahdi was the last of the prophet Muhammad’s true heirs, his 12 righteous descendants chosen by God to lead the faithful. Ahmadinejad hopes to welcome the Mahdi to Tehran within two years.

Conversely, some Jewish groups in Jerusalem hope to clear the path for their own messiah by rebuilding a temple on a site now occupied by one of Islam’s holiest shrines. Artisans have re-created priestly robes of white linen, gem-studded breastplates, silver trumpets and solid-gold menorahs to be used in the Holy Temple — along with two 6½-ton marble cornerstones for the building’s foundation.

Then there is Clyde Lott, a Mississippi revivalist preacher and cattle rancher. He is trying to raise a unique herd of red heifers to satisfy an obscure injunction in the Book of Numbers: the sacrifice of a blemish-free red heifer for purification rituals needed to pave the way for the messiah…

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  1. Jon Jon

    Sounds like Clyde saw season two of ReGenesis.

  2. Clyde Lott was interviewed in 1999 by Lawrence Wright of the New Yorker for Chicago-based radio series This American Life. It’s the first story, about 5 minutes into the show. This particular episode is entirely about Apocalyptic beliefs. Interesting stuff.

  3. Then there’s George Bush, who is seeking to hasten the end times by starting a global war with Muslims, purging the sinners at home, and playing chicken with the godless heathen communists of China through their North Korean proxy.

    All it takes is one True Beleiver in the right place…

  4. John Dassow John Dassow

    Humans are insane.

  5. Damien Damien

    I think that rebuilding the Temple, there, might hasten Armageddon in a completely different manner…

  6. Rob H. Rob H.

    Wired had an article a few years back about some guy trying to “peacefully” rebuild the temple by laser projecting it above the Dome of the Rock. I’d link to it, but Wired is blocked at work.

  7. Thank fuck the lunatics haven’t taken over the asylum yet..

  8. Pilitus Pilitus

    You don’t live in the US, do you Shay?

  9. John John

    When the Rapture happens, I say we all drop our guns and go for drinks. After all, the instigators just left.

    First round’s on me.

  10. Citybeatnik Citybeatnik

    It’s times like these that I wonder if Shiva, Muhammad, YHWH, Jesus, Buddha, and Laotzi aren’t sitting up there somewhere, looking down at us from their game of poker and going “I wonder if it’s too late to convert to agnosticism.”

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  12. prime8 prime8

    Tom Robbins’ novel “Skinny Legs and All” has an interesting take on this whole issue.

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  14. Kelvin Kelvin

    As I’ve been saying for, literally, years: “If the Apocalypse wasn’t coming, someone crazy would try to make it come.” I see now that my paranoia has legs, and is doing marathons.

    Fucking Solar Death Cults. Ruin it for everybody, why don’cha?

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