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China Places Date For Crewed Moon Landing

China plans a manned lunar mission by 2024 that will include a walk on the moon’s surface, a top Chinese scientist was quoted as saying in a Hong Kong newspaper.

The announcement by lunar program vice director Long Lehao shows long-term preparations are moving ahead for the country’s ambition space exploration program.

The program went into overdrive following China’s first successful manned space mission in 2003 and may include a spacewalk by an additional manned mission next year.

Named “Chang’e” after a mythical Chinese moon-inhabiting fairy, the lunar program will begin with the launch next spring of a 2-ton moon orbiting satellite, the program’s chief scientist Ouyang Ziyuan was quoted as saying in the official Shanghai Daily newspaper.

The orbiter is due to stay in space at least a year and record images of the lunar surface, study lunar microwaves, the distribution of usable metals, and the thickness of lunar soil.

Long, who is Ouyang’s deputy, was quoted by Hong Kong’s Beijing-backed Wen Wei Po on Monday as saying the moon walk will be preceded by the landing of a robot explorer on the moon’s surface in 2017 that will return with a chunk of the lunar surface on board.

The program envisions landing a vehicle by 2020 on the moon that would collect soil samples and conduct other tests, possibly in preparation for a manned lunar base…


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  1. allium allium

    The Soviet manned moon effort had two parallel and non-interchangeable research programs (Korolev’s N-1 and Glushko’s Proton family). They both competed for Politburo patronage, money and scarce resources and consequentially neither one made enough progress to humans to the moon. Although Glushko did send turtles AROUND the moon – perhaps even now Space Gamera Object #1 sleeps beneath the Kolyma River Valley, waiting to be unleashed by a signal from some long-dead PDP-11 clone in the Kremlin basement.

    Anyhoo, a few years back I attended a talk on the Soviet program .When someone asked the panel about China’s chances of getting to the moon, they said that the infighting inside their military-industrial complex made the Russians look like…well, the Swiss in terms of efficiency. Korolev just tried to have Glushko marginalized, for example; he didn’t try to blow him up in his home…

    Not that Beijing can’t make it happen, but I’m betting on India.

  2. Sean Sean

    I know I’m going to regret this, cause I’m gonna go into the bathroom for a shit and come out and it’s gonna be 2024, but who gives a shit what you’re going to do in 2024? No one will remember, except the Internet, and that’s going to be on the 367th Google search page.

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