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Gods And Mutants

Thousands of people are flocking to an impoverished Indian village in eastern West Bengal state to worship a man they believe possesses divine powers because he climbs up trees in seconds, gobbles up bananas and has a “tail.”

Devotees say 27-year-old villager Chandre Oraon is an incarnation of the Hindu monkey god Hanuman — worshipped by millions as a symbol of physical strength, perseverance and devotion.

“He climbs up trees, behaves like a monkey and is a strict vegetarian, but he is no god and his condition is just a congenital defect,” says Bhushan Chakraborty, the local medical officer.

Tucked away in a hamlet in Banarhat, over 400 miles north of Kolkata, the state capital, devotees wait for hours to see or touch Oraon’s 13-inch tail, believing that it has healing powers.
Doctors said the “tail” — made up of some flesh but mostly of dark hair — was simply a rare physical attribute. “It is a congenital anomaly, but very rarely do we find such cases,” B. Ramana, a Kolkata-based surgeon, told Reuters.

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  1. RMC RMC

    “My tail has healing powers”– excerpted from “Chat-Up Lines of the Gods” by Erick Von Daniken (published by Harper-Collins)

  2. I use that one all the time.
    “Hey baby, want to touch my magical 13 inch tail?”

  3. bob bob

    So the congenital defect causes him to act like a monkey? Pretty good scam he’s got there.
    (I prefer the line “Hey baby, want to touch my magical 13 inch congenital anomaly?” myself.)

  4. Thanks for finding my father.

  5. Ferry Ferry

    I essentially lived in trees as a kid. Sleeping in a tree is surprisingly relaxing

  6. “quick, Kurt, cut the crap and head back to the mansion; Scott’s missing and Brett Ratner is trying to kill The Professor, while Magneto’s doing those onstage moves”

  7. sohei sohei

    why are there never any pictures to accompany these news stories?

  8. Citybeatnik Citybeatnik

    To sohei
    Probably because there’s only so much awesome the internet can contain at any given moment.

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