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links for 2006-06-21


  1. bob bob

    The thing about the deadliest dog attacks is that they’re by breeds that have been bred for that behavior, and by individual animals that were, in addition, trained to do exactly what they did. Dogs in general have been bred over the millennia to have nearly human qualities; of all non-humans, they probably understand us best. The truly fucked up thing is that dogs aren’t our enemies- they’re us. (Actually, I guess that does make them our enemies…)
    If we want peace, we’ll have to start by liquidating the fuckers who owned these animals.

  2. fogbat fogbat

    Bloody hippies…

  3. at the very, least chihuahuas should go.

  4. bob bob

    “Gaelic Free Church hymns – flooded the air as God-fearing villagers inched forward into the circle. They had come to remind the “unchurched” that what should be worshiped was the Creator, not the creation.”

    Later the pagans had a naked drum circle in the middle of Sunday services to remind the Christians not to be such assholes. Well, they should have, anyways.

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