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  1. Damien Damien

    If it were the case that “God’s Work” wasn’t to be investigated, then we’re back to no biology, medicine, or chemistry, again.

    I LIKE not having the plague, gentlemen.

  2. Mike Mike

    Who really takes the Catholic League seriously?

    Besides, it’s the pope. How do some people honestly feel sentimental about the dead old bastard.

  3. M. E. Hepler M. E. Hepler

    Sometimes religion is very frightening.

  4. so weird. i was JUST reading his webite on Friday

  5. Les Pasnak Les Pasnak

    This is my favourite part from the Catholic League response.

    ‘Hawking, who claims—without any evidence—that space and time have no beginning and no end, would be wise to refrain from positing false absolutes and learn to realize when he’s out of his league.’

  6. Franco Franco

    Just reeplace “Hawking” for “Christinaity”, and “space and time” for “God” in the last post.

    Now really, if christanity is so sure of the existence of God, they should let Hawking do all the research he wants. Yes, any day now, Stephen is going to come running (wheeling!) to the vatican saying “Yes. I cientifically proved it. The Universe was actually created by God! You were right!”

    (am I being an hypocrite? cuz’ I’m not a atheist, witch are all the rage now. I just dont believe in any specific God of any specific religion. There should be as many notions of God as people on Earth.)

  7. optical optical

    Sure, but Dan Brown gets all the millions thanks to his crappy book and he didn’t said a thing, eh?

  8. MAdMaN MAdMaN

    Aw, the poor ikkle cathliks are scared that the big bad scientist will prove that their religion is all a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

  9. MattGreenhalgh MattGreenhalgh

    Is it just me, or does in not strike you that, if the religious right were correct in everything they say, then heaven is the sort of place we’re all well out of anyway?

  10. Curtis Curtis

    Maybe if Hawkings relays this anecdote in another 18 years it will hit all the news sites again…

    Hands up how many of you have not read A Brief History of Time?

  11. geek geek

    We had someone standing in front of the door for a nonstandard computing class on computing with DNA. He told us we shouldn’t play with life because it was God’s work, and only he was perfect enough to tamper with it.

    Someone replied that if he didn’t want people tampering he should have done a better job debugging us.

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